Big Potato Obama Llama: Hilarious Family Game With The Strange Sounding Name


  • Back by popular demand: Obama Llama the family game has returned, jam-packed with 540 brand new rhyming charades from “Harry Styles has piles” to “Michael McIntyre breathing fire”.
  • Head to head: In this family game, split into two teams and go up against each other. It’s a mix between Articulate, charades and a 30-second rap battle party game.
  • Family party game for kids and adults: Obama Llama is suitable for large groups of 4-20 players and ages 12+.
  • Match those pairs: The more rhymes you guess, the more mystery rhyming pairs you get to hunt for. Find the most pairs to win this board game.
  • Easy to learn, quick to play: Obama Llama has no complicated party game rules, everyone can get involved.

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Sue Jones via Google Reviews