Beating The January Blues At The Blue Egg
January 23, 2024

The Christmas buzz has long gone, and the warm embrace of summer seems a long, long way away. January can seem a very long month with an arctic blast accompanying every credit card bill through the letterbox and the mercury still in free fall. The January Blues are here, and let’s be honest, a better name for them would be the Winter Blues. We still have February and March to look forward to. 

But fear not, my cold, numb-fingered friends, for The Blue Egg is still open for business. I write, sat in Knead Food, which on a cold, sunny Friday afternoon is full of mums doing lunch, couples on a sneaky day date, retired couples catching up with friends and me, tucking into my brie, bacon and cranberry mayo on toasted ciabatta, accompanied by a fresh salad with balsamic vinegar.

Already, my January Blues are lifting slowly but surely. So what other wonders does The Blue Egg contain that can help us all banish or, at least, ease those January Blues?

What are the January Blues?

Although not a clinical diagnosis, with a peer-reviewed cure, the January Blues are to suffer low mood, fatigue, and lack of motivation that many people experience during the post-Christmas holiday period. All of which can significantly impact our well-being and overall mental health. Much like the typical winter cold, there is more than one way to ‘catch’ the blues and more than one way to alleviate them.

The Weather

Despite the Dickensian dream of a white Christmas, the temperature usually plummets post-Christmas. January often brings colder weather with days that continue to be short on sunlight. But head upstairs inside The Shop at The Blue Egg, and you’ll find a treasure trove of beautiful gloves, scarfs and wraps, as soft and warm as the elements are hard and cold. Each is carefully chosen from small independents that focus on quality and individuality. 

Financial Pressure 

The financial strain of the imminent credit card bills can increase stress and anxiety. While one shouldn’t spend beyond their means, now is a great time to check out the many items currently on ‘sale’ at The Blue Egg. Many prices are reduced in order to create space for the new and exciting spring and summer ranges. Now is a great time to find unique and perfect gifts for the upcoming birthdays of 2024. 

Unrealistic Resolutions

The pressure to set resolutions and achieve them immediately can be so overwhelming that they are soon ditched. So go easy on yourself. Reward yourself for the resolutions you are sticking to. Calories don’t count at the weekend, do they? So treat your tastebuds and lift your mood with a sneaky visit to the shelves brimming with tasty delights and ingredients at The Shop. You’ll find a unique selection of mouth-watering shortbread biscuits, velvety smooth, rich-tasting chocolates, artisan gins, locally brewed ales, and an assortment of wines r those cosy evenings when it’s too cold to go out. 

Overcoming the January Blues

Though the January Blues may be challenging to overcome, as they leach into February and March, various strategies can help us regain our well-being.

Knock away the cobwebs with a little fresh air

As tempting as it is to stay indoors whilst it’s so cold, the benefits of spending time outside each day cannot be underestimated. Surrounded by Essex countryside, The Blue Egg offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy high street. Grab some fresh air on the outside patio whilst warming yourself with a hot chocolate. And, of course, the kids can burn off some energy in the outside play area. 

Even a gentle walk around Plants, as you look for inspiration as you plan what to plant as soon as the warmer weather allows, can help lift your mood. 

In the meantime, pop into Rose Garden, the florist at The Blue Egg, and treat yourself to a bouquet, bringing the best nature has to offer inside, filling your home with a warm, rich scent. 

You can’t beat a good night’s sleep

Sleep, nutrition and self-care all play their part in helping dispel those winter blues. With a range of carefully curated luxurious bubble baths, bath bombs, soaps, shampoos and shower gels, The Shop at The Blue Egg can help you run the perfect relaxing bath ready for a deep night’s sleep. Or showered, refreshed and energised for the day ahead.

And with a selection of candles and fragrances, such as the ginger and lime rattan reed diffuser from Heyland & Whittle, to name one, you can have your bathroom have your house, smelling like the spa you wish you were at. 

You are what you eat

The temptation of a diet-busting takeaway is never far away, but once you’ve tried an award-winning, hand-made frozen meal from Cook Food, you may discover the perfect compromise. Will it be Chicken Dijon tonight? Chicken breast marinated in white wine and mustard sauce, topped with buttered leek and caramelised red onions. Or the classic Mac Cheese. Indulgent macaroni cheese, vintage West Country Cheddar, and smoked bacon, topped with crispy garlic and parsley crumbs. And if you’re really missing the pinnacle of takeaway and hunger for a curry, Cook Food has you covered. Beef Madras with tender beef in an intense Madras curry sauce made with garam masala, turmeric and coriander, slow-cooked with sliced onions, ginger and ground almonds. With an extensive range of mouth-watering, ‘homemade’ ready-to-cook meals, you’re bound to find your favourite, maybe your new favourite, culinary delight.

Look as good as you want to feel

If you’re not feeling as great as you’d like, you can at least look as fabulous as you’d like. The season of giving may well and truly be over, but you can still treat yourself. Maybe a little ‘me’ time at Blush, Beauty at The Blue Egg. With a range of treatments that will have you looking as good as you want to feel.

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Remember, The Blue Egg isn’t just for Christmas. Open all year round, always with something new to discover. 

The January Blues are temporary, and with conscious effort and support, we can emerge from this period stronger, happier, and more resilient, ready to embrace the possibilities and opportunities the year ahead brings.

“Beautiful shop selling unusual gifts, special and unique cards and gourmet food stuff and frozen special dishes. Post office in store. Lovely florist next door and restaurant and bakery on other side. Garden center at the back of the shops.
Highly recommended.”

Sue Jones via Google Reviews